Plasma cutting

We  provide cutting services of steel, aluminum and stainless steel sheets based on the drawings provided in Autocad or DXF formats. Per request our engineers will convert paper based sketches or drawings into electronic formats suitable for cutting machine. We work both with raw materials provided by client and with sheets directly from our warehouse.  


Our CNC plasma cutting machine can easily cut sheets of maximum 3m x 1.5m to any shape saving your time and money. 


Below are main specs of our USA made Hornet LS machine:


Description Value
Positioning accuracy 0.25mm
Effective cutting width 1524mm
Effective cutting length 3048mm
Maximum traverse speed 25,000mm/min
Plasma torch Hypertherm 120A
Maximum table capacity (full sheet) 680 kg
Steel sheets 0.5-18mm
Galvanized steel 0.5-18mm
Stainless steel 0.5-12mm
Aluminum 0.5-18mm






We provide flexible pricing depending on order difficulty and volumes. For further details feel free to contact us



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    We've successfully comissioned heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at Pepo fish house.


    The system is based on Midea VRF multizone a/c equipment which allows energy efficient heating and cooling at ambient temperatures   -20..+450C.


    Air recirculation system on the second floor is made of special cloth ducting which ensures even distribution of airflow at low velocity ensuring high level of comfort.

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    For those who love comfort Ar & Ar offers radiant cooling and heating systems. Unlike traditional heating/cooling systems you will not see radiator, fan coil or air conditioner. Instead there is a a special layer of a celing which heats up the space in winter and cools down in summer. The advantages of this system are: absence of  airflow, completely noiseless (unlike fancoil or a/c), absence of dust accumulation, dries no air in summer, energy efficient, saves up free space in interior and gives designers freedom for planning. We offer both Italian Messana heating/cooling panels as well as system manufactured in our factory. 

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    So far It has become possible and affordable to own a mini solar power generator for private house owners and businesmen. Our company will design and install a solar power generator starting from 3KW capacity. Having such a system you will get alternative renewable energy source and will save on your energy cost at the same time ensuring yourself from electricity tariff increases. 


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    Attention! Our company office and store moved from Khanjyan 13  to Tsitsernakaberd highway 1/2 address. From know on please address correspondence to Tsitsernakaberd 1/2. We are proud to announce that our new office is located next to Dalma Garden shopping mall and has enough parking space. You can find more variety of products in the new, comfortable store.